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STUDI DI FOTOGRAFIA DI MATRIMONIO APERTI DURANTE IL COVID-19 - Molte coppie non vogliono aspettare. Stanno pianificando di sposarsi in un futuro molto prossimo, in fuga o affrettando una piccola cerimonia con il loro fotografo, alcuni amici intimi e la famiglia, ma rinunciano o posticipando la festa di accoglienza. 

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Matrimonio a Fredericksburg e fotografia di fuga d'amore di Jennifer Catron della Virginia
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Jennifer Catron

Beck e Call Photography

My photography started in an Office Depot Parking lot in Denver Colorado, with a camera that was still in the box, some tri-x film, and a homeless man named Paulie. He took me on a journey that day that gave me a purpose, gave my camera a purpose, and in essence gave me a life. From a CBS documentary that highlighted my two years photographing the homeless in Denver, to working as a freelance photographer with the Denver Post, to getting a job on the Quantico base for ONE day with their newspaper, to photographing 60 weddings a year it has been a ride that most would never believe took place. Photography is my happy place. It's about timing my fingers and eyes to someone else's soul, and about seeing the world in a way that gives it respect, as well as timelessness. It's a superpower to freeze time and take it to a time that it was never supposed to be, but it's a key that unlocks your most prized possession in this world, and that is your memory. I am honored to be a part of so many moments that aren't inherently mine and am incredibly fortunate that they are now memories of my own.